Corporate Profile

Queensland's Leader in Prestige Property Marketing and Sales

Brisbane has been quietly evolving as Australia's fastest growing capital... a city with an innovative and vibrant edge, filled with optimism and a modern, free-spirited outlook.

So too is another transition taking place.  Confidence has inspired long-standing locals and newcomers alike to aspire, move up and celebrate their dreams in the most “liveable” city in Australia.

The increasing demand for Brisbane's finest homes has created a niche market in the best of our residential precincts from riverine environments to bayside aquatic paradises, from elevated mountain foothills to sprawling acreage communities, from the residential towers of the city skyline to the leafy character-filled inner suburbs.

Ten years ago, Judy Goodger Prestige was one of the first to grasp the implications of this change by targeting these specific areas and concentrating on higher-end properties.

Today, the Judy Goodger name is synonymous with the prestige property market leading the Brisbane and indeed the Queensland-wide real estate industry with an unsurpassed $900 million portfolio of premium residential sales.
High Tech...High Touch

In a business that is too often transaction-driven, our service remains discreet and client-focused... one-on-one, face-to-face. We understand that you and your aspirations are unique and very personal.  We will always place you at the centre of the process.

At the same time we stay ahead of the cutting edge with new technology and more creative ways to market your property.  It isn't confined to one publication or one location... it's about search engines reaching millions of buyers and sellers world-wide... in real time.   Premium property buyers are intelligent, sophisticated and they expect the immediate response that Judy Goodger Prestige is geared up to deliver... professionally... and literally within seconds.

Judy Goodger Prestige operates one of the most technologically advanced websites in Australia.  Our highly sophisticated sales and marketing techniques are about connecting discerning people with premium places.  That's what we do at Judy Goodger Prestige... and we do with insight, innovation and integrity.

Realising your dream for living is at the heart of everything we do.